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Your Common Vape Questions Answered

When you're new to vaping, a little guidance from the experts can go a long way

From start-up costs to safety concerns and common troubleshooting tips, today we're answering some of the most common questions our experts get in-store.

Will vaping really help me give up smoking? And will I feel any different?

E-cigarettes can be used as a quit-smoking aid but the only person who can make you quit is yourself. You can help yourself by using an e-cig to ease cravings, but you need to have the will to quit, otherwise no device/chemical/medication/method will do it for you.

Is it healthier than smoking? Are there any health risks related to vaping?

Tobacco cigarettes contain hundreds of added chemicals which have been proved to cause cancer and health issues. E-cigarettes don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide. On top ofthat you’re inhaling vapour instead of combusted plant matter, chemicals and paper. The research is still ongoing and we suggest you do your own research. There have been a number of peer-reviewed studies that have determinedvaping to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes - Cancer Research UK have completed research on the topic - Read here!

What is the actual benefit of vaping?

Vaping doesn’t leave a lingering smell, causes less harm to your body, is more socially acceptable comparing to tobacco cigarettes and primarily it's your route to a tobacco-free lifestyle. 

Is it legal to purchase nicotine in Australia?

Currently in Australia it is illegal to sell or supply nicotine in store or if your a registered company in Australia. Ecig Oz manufactures all our premium E liquids in New Zealand and are supplied direct from our specialised laboratories. 

Will vaping save me money in the long run compared to cigarettes?

Vaping can be between 50-90% cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes. For example; a 20-a-day smoker using an Endura T18 Starter Kit and 30ml of ECigOz E Juice per week is looking at $2 daily running cost.

Is vaping actually safe? I've heard rumours of them blowing up etc.

If you follow instructions and use safe hardware (like regulated devices) you're completely safe. 18650 batteries (like any other batteries) shouldn’t be carried around loose in pockets with metal objects because they can cause shorts and explode. All recorded cases of “vape mod exploding” are actually cases of loose batteries and NEVER actual the device exploding. 

When do I change a coil?

Coils have a finite lifetime, based on a number of factors: power, liquid type, and intensity of use. You will know to replace the coil as they impart a distinct 'burnt toast' flavour once they die. Typically this will take around 3-4 weeks for 'pen' type coils, or between 5-14 days for sub-ohm types.

How long will a 10ml liquid last?

Depends on the usage, for a 20-a-day smoker it should last 2-3 days.

Do I need to replace the battery?

Some vape mods have user-replaceable 18650 batteries that are as easy to replace as remote batteries. Units with battery cells sealed in need to be replaced when you notice performance drop - usually around between 8-12 months of regular usage. An 18650 battery will last around 300 charges.

How do I know what nicotine strength to buy?

Everyone is different and looks for different things with vaping so its best to try a few strengths at a store before purchase, but the rule of thumb for vape pens is:

  • 30+ cig a day smoker - choose a nicotine strength of 24mg/ml
  • 20-25 cig a day smoker - choose a nicotine strength of 18mg/ml
  • 10-20 cig a day smoker - choose a nicotine strength of 12mg/ml
  • 15-2- cig adaysmoker - Choose a nicotine strength of 9mg/ml
  • Less than 10cig a day smoker - choose a nicotine strength of 6mg/ml
  • Non-smokers - choose a nicotine strength of 0mg/ml
It’s leaking, what’s wrong with my kit?

In mostcases we find that it is either that the coil has become flooded from either over priming or inhaling on the device too hard. Another issue can be that a crack or fracture has occurred in the tank which means the liquid is expelled here.

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