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Innokin EZ Watt

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The Innokin EZ WATT is probably Australia's most easy to use variable wattage starter kit. The EZ.Watt's variable wattage allows you to adjust how much vapour/how hot or cool the vapour is produced by your vape. It's another level of customisation to allow you to get that perfect vape! Some juices also taste better at different wattages. The EZ.Watt allows the user to simply adjust the power will the touch of a button, you don't need to worry about overcomplicated settings, just read theÊpower level using the light indicator. The airflow is slightly increased on this model making it less like a cigarette (the Endura T20 simulates the drag of a cigarette) and providing for more vapour production and more flavour!
  • If you've ever used the T22 the EZ Watt is a definite move forward. Its more compact with a great rubberised feel. One of the key advantages is the ability to vary the wattage so you can get the best from whatever juice you are using. For ECIGOZ juices we recommend using the lowest setting but worth trying a few to see how you feel works best. This device has a large battery and lasts really well throughout the day.