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One Vape Lambo

Looking for a pod system that breaks all the rules? Looking for something different in the ultraportable category? You’ve come to the right place.

One Vape have really pulled out all the stops with this one - inspired by the straight lines and bold curves of the Lamborghini they have made designed a truly unique device in the Lambo. While many pod manufacturers seek to round edges and smooth corners - One Vape are not afraid to be different. But the design is not where it ends. Contained within each Lambo pod is a consistent performance that results from a redesign of the airflow characteristics for a pod system. The circular reciprocating airflow channel ensures performance that defies the Lambo’s tiny proportions. 

  • You may not be a fan of yellow Lamborghini's.... But there is no denying their quality and performance. The Lambo by One Vape is true to its name in both design and performance. This small, surprisingly ergonomic device really packs a punch. Its primary aimed at MTL vapers but there are many Direct lung papers adding this to their collection.