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Summer Fruits Vape Juice

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Salt Nicotine

For a lover of fine nicotine salts, we have the delicious summer fruits vape juice. The thing with nicotine salts is that they’re purer than freebase nicotine, in the sense that they’re in the same state as in the tobacco leaves.

This makes every nicotine hit smoother. As far as the chemicals are concerned, the summer fruits e liquid is composed of all-natural and organic vegetable glycerin and has natural flavoured extracts. Even the packaging is recycled, so you won’t have to worry about your or the planet’s health.

  • ✔ Sustainably Sourced Organic Vegetable Glycerin

    ✔ Natural Flavour Extracts

    ✔ Clean Room Production Facility

    ✔ Australian Formulation

    ✔ 50% PG 50% VG

    ♲ Recycled Packaging