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From the makers of the legendary Caliburn refillable vape pod system - ECigOz introduces the UWELL Yearn. If your not sure where to start with vaping then you gave come to the right place - this super simple device comes with a range of delicious pods. This device puts the JUUL to shame. 

**This is Body Only - Pods are sold separately here

What's the difference between the Caliburn and the Yearn?
Well apart from being made from a tough and durable zinc alloy - the Yearn is draw activated so no butting activation so no more firing in your pocket or bag. It also has available to buy seperatley 3 rocking flavours with 20mg and 50mg profiled pods. Perfect if your don't want the hassle of refilling and picking a flavour or Nic level. 

What MG Strength should you pick?
We recommend starting on the 20mg Yearn Pods, as they deliver a very smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. If you find that 20mg isn't satisfying your nicotine cravings, move up to the 50mg pods. The great thing about Yearn pods is the isolated e-liquid chamber will ensure any unactivated pods remain fresh for a long time - when you're ready to taper down your nicotine consumption, they'll be ready for you! 
If you're a heavy smoker and you're looking for a similar throat hit to traditional cigarettes, with the same near instant nicotine satisfaction - try the 50mg. 

    • Uwell is kicking it these days with the launch of some excellent products that have quite literally taken the market by storm. The Pods isolated chamber technology mean the juice stays fresh. No leaky pods However - Really Important - We have to stress that after activating the pads either by inserting into the Yearn or pushing up the bottom that you give the juice a chance to soak into the cotton. If you don't you might get a dry hot so give it 10 minutes to soak after activation.